Scott H. Biram, the one-man band

Scott Biram

“The one-man band is a tour-de-force of gutbucket guitar squabble, vocals so feral they’ll make you lock your doors at night, and a live set that goes down like a cocktail of whiskey, amphetamines and black-humored despair.” —LA Times

Scott H. Biram is a one-man band. But don’t let that fool you. For more than a decade—Scott H Biram has fearlessly preached his gospel of blues, punk, country, metaland psychobilly to his congregation of metalheads, barflies, college professors and regular dudes via a pulpit that is just a stack of amps, a ‘59 hollowbody Gibson and a stomp board.

Tonight, Scott H. Biram arrives at the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center for a free performance. Stop by and see it all for yourself at 7:30pm, part of the weekly Target Free Thursdays series.