"Songs of the Earth": Detroit Symphony Orchestra at Lincoln Center on Sunday

Presented by the Beijing Modern Music Festival, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra returns to New York on Sunday, September 22 for a concert devoted solely to symphonic and vocal works of Guggenheim Award–winning, Chinese-born composer Xiaogang Ye. Entitled Songs of the Earth, the program features the orchestra led by Chinese-born, Yale- and Juilliard-trained conductor Yongyan Hu and highlights outstanding soloists from the United States and beyond.

This historic concert will mark the first time that a major American orchestra performs a full concert in the United States of symphonic works by a single composer of Chinese descent.

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Photos of Lincoln Center Festival’s production of Monkey: Journey to the West, which opens tomorrow and runs through July 28.

See it live at Lincoln Center and learn more here.

(Photos by Stephanie Berger)


Lincoln Center Festival: Opera’s New Face is Chen Shi-Zheng

The New York Times profiles Chen Shi-Zheng, who directs Monkey: Journey to the West at this summer’s Lincoln Center Festival, and calls him "opera’s new face." Read more about his work and the coming production of Monkey, created by Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn of the Gorillaz (previews start July 6, and show runs July 9-28).

(Photo: Gilles Sabrie for The New York Times)


Behind the Scenes: Rehearsals for “Monkey: Journey to the West”

Rehearsals for Lincoln Center Festival's “Monkey: Journey to the West” are now underway!

Check out these behind the scenes footage from rehearsals in China! And visit our Facebook page for more videos.


Damon Albarn on Lincoln Center Festival’s “Monkey: Journey to the West”


“I had four very interesting journeys across China. Like two weeks at a time. We were taken to some very rural, untouched places far away from the crazy commercial growth aspect of China. Back to places that felt positively medieval. I listened to a lot of traditional music, too.  One day I had lunch with a music professor in Beijing and I quite earnestly sat down with him and said, “So what advice can you give me as to how to approach this?”  And he took me into this library and there were like 1000 books of Chinese folk music notated and said, “Well, you either do it that way or just … do it instinctively.” So I went for the latter.”
— Damon Albarn on what research went into creating the eccentric opera “Monkey: Journey to the West”, a collaboration between him and Jamie Hewlett.

Read more about the “Monkey” in Rolling Stone

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(Illustration of Buddha Mountain by Jamie Hewlett)


Click Here to watch Lincoln Center’s Signing Ceremony with Tianjin, China


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